Why DIGIXT is the Best Enterprise Data Management Platform?

Why DIGIXT is the Best Enterprise Data Management Platform?

Why DIGIXT is the Best Enterprise Data Management Platform?


Enterprise Data is in an era of disruption. The industry has moved from the age of legacy repositories to a time of cloud and big data. Get started with a new data management platform for modern business needs.

About DigiXT

DigiXT is the next-generation data platform that unifies big data, artificial intelligence, and the cloud to unlock new ways of working. It combines all your data into one place and lets you choose who, when, and where that data gets used. DigiXT helps organizations in the public sector, finance & banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and media create a more effective organization from top to bottom.

DigiXT provides the most comprehensive application for managing Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning, enabling organizations to capture, understand, and act on real-time information, accelerate decision making and deliver faster business results. It’s a single platform that delivers crucial capabilities across all major data management needs – across Genomics, Clinical Research, Advertising and Media, Banking & Finance, and more.

Enjoying total control, DigiXT provides the heartbeat for all your digital needs. The comprehensive ecosystem for Digital Transformation.

5 C Architecture

DigiXT Connect brings you the power of data engineering in a compact, plug-and-play package. Use DigiXT Connect to connect to any type of data source, such as SQL, NoSQL, IoT devices, APIs, streaming data, etc. while also supporting structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

The next level of modern data management, DigiXT Construct is just different from what’s already possible. Using a combination of declarative ETL pipelines and real-time visibility into the health of your business, it offers stream, batch processing and end-to-end pipeline tracking.

DigiXT Contain layer consists of a high-performance object storage solution that meets the needs of today’s modern enterprises. With DigiXT, you can store, manage and query objects in real-time with an on-prem/Cloud object storage that supports pushdown and is proven for petabytes of data. It offers an on-prem/Cloud object storage that supports pushdown and is proven for petabytes of data. It supports real-time distributed OLAP data storage suitable for user-facing analytics with smart indexing and also enables zero-copy reads of large data sets for lightning-fast data access in AI and machine learning applications

Need to manage your data or need to find out what is stored in your databases? Our DigiXT Consume layer serves as a unified gateway, exposing and aggregating data from polyglot storage. It also incorporates an MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) distributed query engine which can be used with SQL queries. Supports SQL and can be connected through JDBC. Offers Data Virtualization support. Serves as a convenient data discovery tool that also facilitates collaboration.

DigiXT Control layer provides a simple and single console for monitoring and managing all DigiXT modules. There are provisions for authentication and authorization in this layer. It allows log and audit management, security management, script management, and general management of your DigiXT modules.

Built in AI tools

DigiXT’s platform is engineered to take on the challenges of today’s AI marketplace through a highly scalable, innovative set of tools. From deep learning to natural language processing to data analytics and big data, DigiXT has the most powerful AI tools to help you build smarter products that give your users more control and better results.

Call to Action

We truly believe in the saying “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.” (Courtesy: Henry ford). We intend to grow through collaboration and are keen to work with data centers, systems integrators as well as, the consulting entities who can all add value to the platform and can take a share of the pie in terms of delivering value to various clients regionally and globally.

Please feel free to reach out to me at arun@saal.ai for more information on potential collaboration.


The world is evolving at a breathtaking speed and the future is now. Our destiny depends upon us remaining agile and ready to adapt to emerging changes in the market, especially in a digital era where technology is touching almost every aspect of our daily lives. We’ve come together pooling our resources as we put to use our creativity, experience, and competent knowledge towards designing & developing a platform that revolutionizes the Big data and AI domains. Internationalization is the key to digital transformation; there are plenty of opportunities in the market for UAE-based companies to seize share by creating digital tools that local and regional customers will be able to use. DigiXT is a good example, highlighting how such tools are being created and nurtured in U.A.E.

About the Author: Arun Arikath has vast experience in commercializing technology products, services, and high-tech initiatives in various domains.  Before joining Saal, Arun held key roles with regional and global technology organizations. In his current role as Chief Commercial Officer of Saal, he is focusing on growth and client adoption of the flagship Big Data and AI platform – DigiXT.