Saal AI to Showcase Groundbreaking Technologies at UMEX SimTEX 2024

Saal AI to Showcase Groundbreaking Technologies at UMEX SimTEX 2024

Saal AI to Showcase Groundbreaking Technologies at UMEX SimTEX 2024

Middle East’s Premier Event for Drones, Robotics, Components, and Unmanned Systems

Abu Dhabi, December 29, 2023 – Saal AI, a leading innovator in artificial intelligence solutions for the defense sector, is set to make a significant impact at UMEX SimTEX 2024, the Middle East’s foremost event dedicated to drones, robotics, components, and unmanned systems.

The event, taking place from January 22 to 25 at ADNEC, Abu Dhabi and will feature Saal AI at Stand Hall 06-010.

Cutting-edge Products on Display

Saal AI will unveil a portfolio of cutting-edge products, each designed to redefine the landscape of defense technology:

  1. DigiXT – Big Data Platform: Unlock the power of data with DigiXT, Saal AI’s revolutionary Big Data Platform tailored for the defense sector.
  2. Intalact – AI-powered Competency Management Platform: Explore Intalact, an AI-driven platform designed to elevate competency management in defense operations.
  3. Multilingual Geni – Automatic Multilingual Speech Recognition and Translation System: Experience Multilingual Geni, an innovative system breaking language barriers with automatic speech recognition and translation capabilities.
  4. Smart Search Library – Ultimate Solution for Advanced Digital Document Management and Search: Discover Smart Search Library, a game-changing solution for advanced digital document management and seamless search functionalities.
  5. Various AI Applications for Defense Intelligence: Immerse yourself in a diverse range of AI applications specifically tailored for defense intelligence, showcasing Saal AI’s commitment to innovation.

Key Highlights of UMEX SimTEX 2024

Live Demonstrations at Stand Hall 06-010
Saal AI invites attendees to embark on an interactive journey with live demonstrations at Stand Hall 06-010. Engage with experts and witness firsthand the capabilities of groundbreaking products.

AI Technologies in Defense Conference Sessions
Join Saal AI’s expert team at conference sessions as they delve into the transformative impact of AI technologies on the defense industry. Gain insights into the latest advancements shaping the future of defense intelligence.

Interactive Activities for Attendees – Product Demos and Knowledge Contest
Immerse yourself in live demos where Saal AI’s experts will guide you through the features and functionalities of innovative products. Additionally, challenge your expertise in drones, UAVs, and the latest guns by participating in the Knowledge Contest, with a chance to win exciting prizes.

Registration Details
To secure attendance at UMEX SimTEX 2024 and explore Saal AI’s groundbreaking technologies, interested visitors must submit their details and apply for visitor passes. Register now at UMEX Registration.

Contact Information
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