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AI in healthcare is one of our primary areas of expertise. We reduce patient no-show rates and offer AI health assistants that reduce overhead costs and improve the overall patient experience. With our AI-powered healthcare advisory platform that captures the global developments of any specific health challenge in real-time, we empower relevant healthcare regulators to quickly establish a technology interface that enables swift and direct communication with their target audience, and prepare for emergency responses.

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Pandemic Simulator

A Predictive modelling and scenario planning tool, to help policymakers anticipate future scenarios which would facilitate adequate healthcare resource planning. The tool makes projections of number of infections, recoveries etc. It can create multiple simulations and hypothetical scenarios based on varying inputs to assess the impact and ease of rules and regulations.

Capacity Planning

A data analysis-driven capacity planning tool dedicated to balance the availability of beds, staff, and other resources with patient demand. Saal.ai capacity planning tool forecasts if patient surge will occur, provides critical insight to make well-informed decisions and anticipates if/when demand will exhaust resources.

Vaccine Adverse Reaction Tracker

A tracker focused on the side effects and adverse events associated with proposed vaccinations is an AI-based healthcare technology designed to enhance the safety of vaccines. The tracker is an early-warning system that also collects information about possible side effects or health problems occurring after vaccination. The system looks for unusual or unexpected patterns that require a closer look. Anyone can report a reaction or injury with this tracker, including healthcare providers, patients and patients’ representatives to compile widespread information.

Health Advisory Chatbots

Available in English and Arabic, our advanced health advisory chatbot enhances customer service and patient satisfaction while identifying key improvement areas for call centers and hospitals. It has an integrated cognitive virtual assistant with medical intent. Its AI is capable of comprehending users’ indirect queries similarly to human support. It responds with direct answers therefore reducing call center load. The system is trained to identify departments, insurances, and questions about the hospital’s capabilities. The current deflection rate of AI-based Health Advisory Chatbots is 85%.

No-Show Predictor

An AI-based predictor model which not only predicts a patient’s no-show of a booked appointment, but also provides scheduling recommendations. The tool also supports operational efficiency and timely access to care. The current accuracy rate of our No-Show Predictor is 80%.

Symptoms’ Checker

Symptom Checker is the ideal tool to assist patients in preliminary diagnosis. It uses data and AI to check initial symptoms and the attributes pertaining to them, this tool guides patients to seek the appropriate medical services.

Overbooking Recommender

Optimize operations with our overbooking recommender, the AI solution that works on minimizing overbooking through data-based predictions and predicts walk-ins to help with administrative processes.

Text Extraction using advanced NLP techniques

Save time, manpower, and enhance your processes for elevated efficiency. By utilizing our natural language processing AI solution, your healthcare staff can quickly, easily and accurately extract medical information from different sources, such as images, reports, and clinical notes. Your patients’ information that needed to be recorded manually can now be accurately and securely stored in your system.


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