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For the energy sector, digital transformation is a priority; not only as a way to modernize the enterprise but also to secure the entire energy ecosystem. Ensuring all key stakeholders have visibility and ability to monitor across powerful digital tools to remain resilient and competitive in the Energy sector. – we can keep it generic to energy for now

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News Analytics

News articles are run through multiple data analyzing AI models to process their content and corresponding sentiment scores are given to track overall views. Enhance your news-powered applications, processes, and models with enriched and structured news feeds and insights.

Social Media Listening

This tool gathers data and presents a holistic view of public perception of selected topics of interest. It monitors your brand’s social media profiles for customer feedback, direct mentions of your brand, and any conversations with relevant keywords, topics, competitors, or industries. The insights provided by our AI driven sentiment analysis help you determine the best ways to improve your social media strategy, brand awareness, and social presence.

Market Intelligence

A one-stop application to derive insights (products, volumes, trades, inventories, etc.) using various AI technologies by connecting to multiple APIs.

Competition Analysis

Compare your business with competitors in the news and social media impressions/mentions.

Price Forecasting

A solution that offers a compilation of forecasting techniques that combine data-driven and wisdom-driven inputs.

Products Profiling & Inventory

A framework developed to provide privileged AI-based information comparing similarities between different products emanating from various countries along with its volumes and inventories.

Supply & Demand Analysis

This tool conveys insights on the trade flows between various sources and countries of focus over a period of time.


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