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Enterprises can use AI-powered solutions to breakdown challenges and create more adaptive processes, that have the power to transform industries in various verticals.

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Predictive Maintenance

Operational expenditure can rapidly add up if timely service is not performed on equipment and systems. Our AI solution predicts potential system failure in advance and notifies owners to apply adequate preventive processes.

Human Speech Recognition & Generation

Allow your voice assistants to speak and reply with greater accuracy around context and content with our advanced speech recognition technology. It recognizes speech in English and Arabic and boasts competitive performance in both languages with the use of AI.

Phoneme Analysis & Verification

Improve your speech recognition technology with word-level phonological analysis to match searches with greater accuracy at the phoneme level of each word which is inherently faster than a word-to-word level match.

Arabic & English – Understanding & Processing

With our in-house Arabic and English NLP framework, we leverage state-of-the-art NLP algorithms fine-tuned for both Arabic and English language to be implemented on NLP-based applications with challenging accuracy, such as sentiment analysis, keywords identification, topic classification, summarization, intent understanding, named entity recognition.


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