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Smart Cities

We lead the transformation of conventional cities into highly equipped smart cities with the power of AI, by incorporating technology into the day-to-day activities of people to provide better living standards.

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Smart Cities

Violation Detection

An intelligent platform utilizing AI, big data and BI to capture, review and visualize violations committed around the city for better planning, and decision making. The violations can be viewed and sorted based on the issue’s domain, turnaround time to close the violation and number of violations. By applying this AI service interrelations and patterns in committed violation can be observed which can establish the basis for policy and governance of a smart city.

KPI Tracking & Reporting

Various Key Performance Indicators can be measured and monitored by capturing specific data and converting it into useful metrics in Smart Cities. KPIs can be reported in comprehensible visual charts, dashboards, and interactive maps. This is a must have AI-based tracking & reporting tool for every smart city.

Ideal City Index & Tracking

Using this tracking tool, we capture specific data related to cities’ challenges like increasing population, pollution, congestion, resource usage, lack of adequate physical and social infrastructures, sustainable economic growth along with increasingly stricter energy and environmental requirements to convert them all into useful metrics for a smart city. This tool helps us track and measure the Ideal City Index.

Smart Neighborhood Tracking & Analysis

Identify, classify and categorize municipalities into Smart Neighborhoods to efficiently plan, monitor and utilize resources. This tool joins various AI technologies to classify, monitor and provide alerts along with insights for policymakers, enabling faster decision-making.


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