About Us

“Unlocking the power of Artificial Intelligence”

Saal.ai is an innovative applied AI company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We build advanced cognitive solutions, products, and platforms for businesses that solve challenging real-life problems for customers. Leveraging the power of AI and the myriad of options resulting from human-machine interaction, Saal has strived to unlock the exponential growth opportunities for humanity to live meaningful and compassionate lives. The uniqueness of Saal’s framework of solutions lies in the flexibility it offers, being optimized continuously to integrate and suit any business seamlessly.


To enrich humanity using the power of artificial intelligence.


To engineer a revolutionary AI framework that can enable transformation across industries and impact the world positively.

Our Team

“Thriving on Inclusion”

We pride ourselves on having a strong and diverse team who come from different countries, speak several languages and deliver in all fields related to technology and AI. They are accomplished subject matter experts, Big Data Architects, Scientists, Doctors, Educators, Strategists, and Creative Consultants.

At Saal, we make the most of the individual input of our people to drive us to our peak, and each member of our team is an expert in his or her field. It is the sum of our diverse and collective accomplishment, that drives us to be the unparalleled global force for the industries seeking effective solutions for everyday pain-points.

Together, we primarily have the credit for driving Saal into an ideal ecosystem that can impact the world positively.