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Cognitive AI, Applied

At Saal.ai we offer leading cognitive AI solutions to information-intensive domains such as healthcare, financial services, and public services to advance businesses into the digital era. Leveraging the power of AI and the myriad of options resulting from human-machine interaction,

Saal.ai strives to unlock exponential growth opportunities for humanity to live meaningful and compassionate lives. The uniqueness of Saal.ai’s framework lies in the flexibility it offers by continuously being optimized to seamlessly integrate into any business.



To enrich humanity using the power of Artificial Intelligence.



To engineer a revolutionary AI framework that can enable transformation across industries and impact the world positively.



We empower industries and organizations by implementing dynamic artificial intelligence and digital transformation technologies that enhance efficiency, productivity, customer happiness, and sales. Based in Abu Dhabi, we work to lead the AI and digital transformation in the UAE.

About Saal


Our teams of experts endeavor to make the unimaginable a part of reality with the power of AI.

We pride ourselves on having a dynamic and diverse team operating in all fields related to technology and AI. Saal.ai’s team includes big data architects and scientists, machine learning engineers, subject matter experts, data analysts who come from highly regarded backgrounds with extensive AI proficiency.

At Saal.ai, we collaborate together to establish a collective vision that drives us into the future of AI. All our accomplishments are the sum of our experts’ diverse and joint efforts, which mobilize us to be an unparalleled global force for industries seeking effective AI solutions to tackle their business challenges.

The team at Saal.ai is our most important asset and resource, helping us create positive transformation in the world of digital innovation.

About Saal
About Saal
About Saal


Transforming lives, one at a time

We are one team, with shared goals. We accomplish more with less, build on trust and respect each other. We dream big and deliver with high standards.

Our approach is built on the following pillars:

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Customer Focus

Our customers are the impetus that helps us move forward and pushes us to accomplish more to achieve engaging and lasting relationships.


Ownership & Result

We thrive on individual entrepreneurship among team members to represent our company enabling employees to take full responsibility for celebrated end results.


Learn and Invent

We are continuously learning to design and simplify processes that help us become innovation advocates.



Quick decision followed by fast action, we avoid decision debates if the decision is reversible without attrition.


Develop Talent

Hire, coach and mentor team members. Raise the bar continuously to challenge and prepare future leaders among us.

About Saal


We Transform Lives Here. Join Us!

Ever entered a futuristic tech-driven office? Every wall in our office tells a story, and every room has a theme. From visual artists to programmers and researchers, we are a diverse team of over 100 people with varied backgrounds in academia, technology, science, and more