Accelerate Big Data Journey

An integrated big data and artificial intelligence platform that focuses to deliver business value, easy & quick to deploy at an optimal cost.

DigiXT Benefits

Connecting systems, processing data, and delivering business use-cases' with ease to maximise value.

Modular System

Features a highly scalable and agile architecture.

Maximize Business Value

Targeted efforts on specific business use-cases with outcome-based solutions and guaranteed results.

Arabic AI

Provide a range of Arabic language APIs to create personalized digital experiences for Arabic speakers.

Flexible Hosting

Supports a range of customizable hosting solutions, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid.

Integrated Solutions

Delivers all the essentials for a BigData/AI solution without relying on a third party, with no hidden fees, or with integration issues.

Rapid Deployment

Ready-to-deploy 'use-cases' accelerates the AI journey.

Unique 5c Architecture

5 steps to AI journey


This layer provides an end-to-end data engineering solution, allowing data engineers to connect to any type of data source, such as SQL, NoSQL, IoT devices, APIs, streaming data, etc. while also supporting structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Module Highlights :

  • Enables change to data capture support
  • Offers template-based data ingestion
  • Utilise out of box connectors for enterprise applications
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This layer offers declarative ETL pipelines for both stream and batch ingestion, as well as visible end-to-end pipeline tracking for health performance quality.

Module Highlights :

  • Provides data pipeline observability
  • Creates unified data pipeline scheduling
  • Offers stream and batch processing pipelines
  • Incorporates data lineage
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This layer enables industry-first polyglot storage, allowing clients to choose storage based on their use-cases.

Module Highlights :

  • Offers an on-prem/Cloud object storage which supports pushdown and is proven for petabytes of data
  • Supports real-time distributed OLAP data storage suitable for user-facing analytics with smart indexing
  • Enables zero-copy reads of large data sets for lightning-fast data access in AI and machine learning applications.
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This layer serves as a unified gateway, exposing and aggregating data from polyglot storage. It also incorporates an MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) distributed query engine which can be used with SQL queries

Module Highlights :

  • Supports SQL and can be connected through JDBC
  • Offers Data Virtualization support
  • Serves as a convenient data discovery tool that also facilitates collaboration.
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This layer provides a simple and single console for monitoring and managing all DigiXT modules.

Module Highlights :

  • Permits for authentication and authorization
  • Allows log and audit management
  • Enables extensive security management
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Our AI Delivery Methedology

Our AI implementation methodology streamlines your AI journey.


Finalize use-cases


Select data sources


Platform deployment


Data ingestion


Data management


Deploy AI/ML platform

Embrace the new digital world by working with DigiXT to embark on a digital transformation journey.