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Ever entered a futuristic tech-driven office? Every wall in our office tells a story, and every room has a theme. From visual artists to programmers and researchers, we are a diverse team of over 100 people with varied backgrounds in academia, technology, science, and more
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We are an applied artificial intelligence (AI) services company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We build AI-based solutions to empower businesses to run more effectively and efficiently, across a variety of industries including healthcare, energy, smart cities, leadership and competency, finance among others.

The time taken to customize a product specifically for your business needs depends on the features needed by your business. The time taken to host the product or service depends on the scale of the project and the size of your business. We build solutions to be customized for your needs, host the solution, and train your employees to use them to their fullest potential.

Our team at takes care of the hosting process. We ensure that our AI solution is integrated with your existing internal solutions or as a separate solution to ensure that it is smoothly and easily used across your organization.

No, our team builds user-friendly solutions to ensure that anyone can use them without a technical background. We also offer training at your premises to take you step-by-step throughout the entire process and provide support throughout the year.

We address specific challenges by taking into consideration all aspects that need to be explored and by drafting possible use-cases for implementation to design the most suitable set of solutions for your business.