Human Capital Development

Transforming the way employees are engaged and upskilled to help achieve the goals of the organization as well as their own

The solution is essentially divided into separate segments

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Human Capital Analysis

Empowering employers and employees with the right information on skills and competencies to drive the vision of any organization forward

AI-enabled competency framework

Maps competencies and skills across Knowledge, Skills and Behavior

Dashboard insights

The data collected can be utilized to build insightful dashboards to improve employee performance

Integration with in-house systems

Easy integration with in-house HR systems creates a data-rich environment with constant feedback on employee performance

Learning and Development

Designed to provide high-quality training and development to boost your business growth, develop, administer and distribute e-learning content with ease

Registration and enrollment

Integration with existing or future registration and enrollment systems

Online learning

AI-powered adaptive learning platform that provides a personalized learning experience


It supports a wide array of both theoretical and practical assessment

Virtual learning

Enhance collaboration and learning with a virtual learning environment that emulates a classroom setting

Learning practice and application

Automated and self-facilitated practice activities that include an Ai-powered bilingual on-demand learning performance support


Customizable dashboards with real-time and predictive analytics on learning performance and engagement of all stakeholders involved


Unlock The Potential Of Digital Transformation

Our Benefits

  • Get insights and analysis on workforce strengths and weaknesses
  • Find the right talent for the job
  • Personalize the learning process with a customized multilingual interface which can significantly improve the quality of instruction to achieve better learning outcomes
  • Provides employees and management in-depth feedback about the individual and overall performances.
  • Highly secure cloud or on-premise hosting and can easily be integrated with your IT requirements

Embrace the new digital world by working with DigiXT to embark on a digital transformation journey.