Digixt Construct

A cognitive digital transformation platform for businesses to gain a competitive edge, improving operational resilience and enabling flexibility in this new digital reality

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Construct Layer

  • DigiXT implements ELT, a more comprehensive way of loading all data, rather than just pertinent data (ETL), as we recognise the value of data.
  • This layer is driven by over 600+ extraction routines, allowing users to clean and change all data using the most prevalent Data Wrangling and Data Munching techniques.
  • This one-of-a-kind platform also includes the best-in-class SQL -ML tool for applying machine learning via simple functions, which presently supports the most popular algorithms.
  • We’ll be extending this functionality over time so that DigiXT visualisation tools can output machine learning insights like anomaly detection on real-time data streams.

Embrace the new digital world by working with DigiXT to embark on a digital transformation journey.